Heal yourself with reiki

Reiki is an universal energy, which heals you.  Reiki heals you faster as compare to other alternative therapies as Reiki directly activated by the Reiki channels through the Cosmic Energy. As we all know we are nothing but the energy, wherever there is a lack of energy, illness, disturbance or imblace

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What is Reiki ?.

Reiki is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life Force Energy”. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese roots “Rei” which means “Spirit” or “Soul” and “Ki” which means “Energy that is originally connected to a sense of air or atmosphere that pervades and surrounds All of us are born with this energy ”. 

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The therapies that we use for treating are Reiki, Pranic and Sujok. Whereas, for self-treatment, we teach Reiki. The reason for this is that Pranic is more technical as compared to the relatively straight-forward Reiki. Apart from this, we also give Sujok treatment, impart basic knowledge about Pranayam.

delusions About Reiki

Reiki is neither a sect nor a Religion, it is also not a Cult. Reiki has no relations with Tantra-Mantra, Satan worship or Black magic. It has absolutely no connections with psychic powers or hypnotism. Reiki is a form of Science by which, we can increase our capacity to absorb the Cosmic Energy.

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How Reiki Works ?

How Reiki Works ? The human body has visible physical body and an invisible auric body. The aura is the energy field diffusely distributed around the visible physical body. The aura is distributed in seven layers and the outermost layer is the outer limit of the body. The inner most layers called inner aura having the same shape as the physical body. In this invisible inner aura, seven major chakras are located.


Scanning the aura, chakras is done with palm chakra of the healer. Block for the flow of cosmic energy through aura or chakra is identified. Talking with the patient on his symptoms as experienced by the patient, duration of the disease, how and when it started about his background and life style, eating habits, mental make up are taken in to account for proper diagnosis.

Features Of Reiki

Reiki is a subtle healing energy which exists in all of us. By practicing Self-Reiki daily, we can maintain the energy equilibrium within us, which is of utmost importance. The living and nonliving things are made up of Energy, so it is but obvious to enable oneself to the benefits of Reiki, when the Energy Equilibrium goes down, or not at its best. This disharmony in Energy Equilibrium leads to chronic as well as acute diseases, if untreated.